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Lemminkäinen employs approximately 4,700 construction and other professionals. About half of them work in Finland and the other half in our other operating countries, particularly in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic countries.

Our strength lies in our work community. We have great team spirit, our units and teams work smoothly together and co-workers support each other. We focus on strong supervisory work. Our employees' views indicate that the quality of supervisory work is continuously improving.

Long careers at Lemminkäinen are common and employee commitment is highly appreciated. Many former employees return after working elsewhere for a while. Due to our strong internationalisation, we frequently use English, Russian and other languages at work.

We focus on working together and accomplishing goals, and we think having fun at work is important. You do not necessarily need a business suit to work for us. Our managers and supervisors are easy to reach and very approachable.

More than half of our construction professionals work at construction and other sites. Furthermore, a significant part of our salaried staff work at construction sites. Therefore occupational safety is extremely important for us and it’s everybody's responsibility.