Covering for underground facilities

Sprayed or manually applied Novocoat coatings are a good choice for waterproofing underground facilities.

Novocoat seamlessly covers even cracked and porous surfaces. For parking decks exposed to wear and tear we recommend the Novodeck compound coating, comprising Novocoat elastomer waterproofing and quartz coating, offering excellent wear resistance.

Bridge waterproofing

Novocoat elastomer is an excellent choice for bridge waterproofing.

We also carry out epoxy waterproofing, which is used, in addition to Novocoat, under other sealants, such as roofing felt and mastic sealants. Our products comply with the SILKO standard.

Polyurethane coatings

Novocoat and Novodeck are waterproof coatings for hard-wearing surfaces.

They seamlessly cover even cracked and porous surfaces. Quartzite brick added to the Novodeck compound coating provides good anti-skid properties. Applied over asphalt, Novostone is a coating that looks like a natural gravel surface and is suitable for non-motorised traffic routes.