Slip form kerbstones and railings

Slip form kerbstones and railings

Slip form products - kerbstones and railings - provide a hardwearing and cost-effective solution for street construction.

Slip form kerbstones have a number of benefits compared to adhesive stones. When kerbstones are formed and anchored on site, they fit their base perfectly. Horizontal reinforcement and vertical anchoring, and polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete, enable the kerb withstand extremely high sideways pressure. Even snowploughs, frost or heavy impacts fail to break off the kerbstones.

Durable railings

Compared to other products, slip form railings are in a class of their own when it comes to wear and shock resistance. Made of the same polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete as slip form kerbstones, their long lifespan is guaranteed.

Slip form railings have a number of uses, including crash barriers, noise barriers, lane dividers, and protective embankments for ground water.

Cost savings in maintenance and upkeep

Durable and easy-to-fit slip form products are a cost-effective choice, saving maintenance and upkeep costs. Slip form technology can also help increase or repair an existing structure without having to remove the old one.

Neat and safe

Slip form is almost seamless, producing a neat and consistent appearance. Slip form technology lends consistent quality also in cambers.

Attaching slip form kerbstones does not required open flame, making it a safe product to use on sites requiring stringent fire safety controls, such as petrol stations, tunnels and underground parking facilities.

Our dedicated product development guarantees quality

Our dedicated product development ensures that the product look and functionality meet our customers' requirements.


  • Hardwearing, long lifespan, maintenance savings
  • Withstands changing weather conditions and road maintenance measures
  • Easy to install, cost-effective
  • Neat appearance also in cambers
  • Suitable for refurbishing old block paving


  • Concrete quality: InraRYL 2010, C35/45,P40 50, polypropylene fibre, stress classification complies with 41113:T1
  • Curbstone heights: 60mm, 80mm, 120mm and 160mm. Other sizes available upon order.
  • Cross-section shapes: Comply with the standards set out in the Finnish Association of Municipal Engineering Publication no 14
  • Railing models and shapes are always designed separately.