Treatment of contaminated soil

Treatment of contaminated soil

Using stabilisation techniques, we treat contaminated soil for reuse. This both saves the environment and reduces the need for clean soil.

We have professional staff and one of the best mass production and spreading equipment on the market.

Using the Ekostab method, hazardous substances are bound by mixing a binder with cold contaminated soil. The binders used are bitumen, a hydraulic binder, or a combination of the two. The choice of binder is based on the properties of the hazardous substances and contaminated soil material.

Using the Ekofalt method, hazardous substances contained in contaminated soil are bound into an asphalt structure by the bitumen binder. The laid and compacted Ekofalt structure has properties similar to those of asphalt.

We take deliveries of contaminated soil at the Kujala waste station in Lahti, Finland (address Sapelikatu 7).