Stone dust

Stone dust


Stone dust is a multipurpose material for yard construction. A compacted layer of stone dust is well suited to a yard or passageway surface.  It is also a great choice for the sub-base in laying paving blocks and slabs, and for jointing natural stone, such as slate. As a stone dust surface is extremely compact and waterproof, banking must be taken into consideration during installation.


Stone dust is a by-product of crushing, with a typical grain size of  0 – 3..4mm or 0 – 6..8mm. Because stone dust contains very fine mineral aggregates (grain size 0mm), it forms a hard, load-bearing surface.

Available grading

Grain sizes


0 – 3…4mm

For the sub-base in laying block paving and for passageway surfacing

0 – 6...8mm

For driveway and yard surfacing