Cobblestones are naturally rounded stones. They can be used as they are in building pavements and walls. Cobblestones are a good choice for covering the area next to the plinth course, surfacing ramps, and creating decorative features. Edging or covering planting areas with cobblestones creates a natural look for your garden with ease of maintenance.


Cobblestones are natural rounded stones graded from other aggregates. Stone dust is an ideal material for laying cobblestones.  By mixing stone dust with a small amount of cement, the joints are hardened and become easier to maintain.

Available grading

Grain sizes mm


50 – 100

For creating decorative features, lining plinth courses, covering planting areas

100 – 200

For coarse yard covering, plinth course lining

200 – 400

For decorative garden features, edging access routes etc.