Paving roads and streets

Paving roads and streets

We produce asphalt and reclaimed asphalt pavements and surfaces, and we carry out stabilisation, milling and waterproofing.

Asphalts for different needs

Asphalt concrete is an excellent choice for roads and streets, where durability, carrying capacity, ease of construction, ease of cleansing, and an affordable price level are central to the end-result. The most widely used street pavement is AB16, excellent for most applications.

In busy streets and roads used by heavy goods vehicles, consideration must be taken of the special requirements of wear resistance and permanent deformation resistance. For motorways and main roads we recommend that stone mastic asphalt (SMA) be used as the wearing course. However, the choice of material is always made on a case-by-case basis.

Large numbers of heavy goods vehicles impose greater loads on the road structure than ordinary passenger car traffic. A high-quality end-result can only be achieved by making the pavement sufficiently thick and using the most suitable asphalt products in the structural courses.

The choice of pavement for a collector street, residential street or cul-de-sac is influenced by the amount of heavy traffic that it bears.

Our noise-reducing asphalt, Whisperfalt, provides a solution to the problem of tyre noise in urban areas. Its porous structure absorbs the sound caused by the tyre's contact with the pavement surface. Whisperfalt is the recommended material for urban areas, where traffic volumes are reasonably low, as well as for cities, where other noise-reducing methods are expensive and difficult to implement.