Re-used asphalt

Re-used asphalt from reclaimed asphalt

Milled asphalt is fully recyclable, and it can be reused as raw material for new, re-used asphalt. The quality and durability of re-used asphalt equal those of asphalt that is made of virgin materials.

The main ingredients of asphalt are crushed aggregate and oil-based bitumen. In construction and paving projects, old paving is removed, collected and transported to an asphalt plant, where it becomes raw material through crushing. The result of this process - reclaimed asphalt - is used in asphalt mixtures.

The re-use of bitumen and mineral aggregates from old asphalt reduces the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the overall process.

As good as new asphalt

Re-used asphalt is an environmentally friendly product, the quality and durability of which equal the characteristics of conventional asphalt.

Tests and analyses reveal that Lemminkäinen has achieved good results in the recycling of old bitumen by mixing it with new, softer bitumen. Nowadays, re-used asphalt is as good as new asphalt.

Lemminkäinen has used reclaimed raw materials since the early 1990s. In Finland and Denmark, Lemminkäinen is one step ahead in re-using of asphalt. The re-use of asphalt has been hindered, for example, by acts and decrees regulating the industry, and by attitudes.