Landfills and basins

Landfills and basins

Environmental regulations require buildings and other structures to be tightly constructed. Using the asphalt solutions that we have developed, environmentally aware and ecologically sound construction is achievable.

Chemicals and other hazardous substances must not be allowed to pollute the environment, soil and groundwater. Asphalt products that we have developed with environmental protection in mind either can be used independently or in combination, depending on the application.

A composite structure is used wherever there is continuous water pressure and in demanding applications such as landfill linings. A composite structure consists of a waterproof synthetic barrier and an impermeable mineral base.

Depending on the application, either a two-layer structure of dense Lemdense asphalt-concrete or a combination of Lemproof polymer-modified bitumen guss asphalt and dense Lemdense asphalt-concrete is used.

Water-tight asphalt is known as insulating asphalt. Insulating asphalts include Lemdense, Lemproof and Lemmastix. Insulating-asphalt structures comprise two, tight layers of asphalt. Typical applications include different kinds of basins, service stations, airports and industrial yards.