Laboratory services

Laboratory services for paving

Lemminkäinen has a paving industry laboratory in all of its operating countries. Our expertise, know-how and quality provide a strong foundation for cooperation with our customers. Our wish is to provide a quality service.

We perform various measurements and tests, conduct R&D, and offer a full range of specialist services. In addition to Lemminkäinen's own personnel, we also provide services for the customers, offering a range of testing and expert services.

Staffed by top professionals in their fields, our laboratory produces research based on expertise in various materials, accumulated over several decades, as well as on practical experience. Our strong expertise and high-quality equipment are also available to our customers, supporting them in their business development.

Quality control of Lemminkäinen's asphalt testing in Central Laboratory production FINAS accredited

Our Central Laboratory in Tuusula, Finland, is since 2014 a testing laboratory accredited by FINAS accreditation service (identifier T282, current scope of accreditation The accreditation also covers the regional and mobile laboratories in Oulu, which are under the direction of the Central Laboratory.

Our laboratory is the first, and so far only, officially accredited asphalt industry laboratory in Finland. The accreditation guarantees our customers that the strict assessment and monitoring criteria required by the accreditation are followed in the quality control of asphalt testing, and that operations are reliable and independent Our Central Laboratory's operations are certificated to SFS-EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

In accordance with the construction product decree, asphalt production complies with strict quality requirements, and quality is tested regularly during production. Furthermore, a laboratory engaged in quality control of asphalt production is required to be accredited in Sweden. There is no corresponding requirement in Finland; the asphalt mixture must be CE-marked, and the operations and methods of the testing laboratory must meet the criteria of the marking. Asphalt products without a CE mark may not be used.

Lemminkäinen has a paving industry laboratory in all of the countries in which it operates in the paving industry; of them, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden are also accredited. Since we do our testing and quality control in-house, we can directly and quickly influence production control.

Areas of expertise

Within the scope of our business segments, we participate in special projects while they are still on the drawing board, as well as in their implementation stage.

We have versatile experience of various materials, including:

  • asphalt surfacing
  • bitumen/bituminous products
  • mineral aggregates
  • special surfacing
  • environmental protection structures made of asphalt
  • other dense structures and insulation materials
  • processing of contaminated soil

Our Central Laboratory also has extensive experience of the following:

  • bituminous roofing materials
  • waterproofing products and structures
  • surfacing for sports fields
  • concrete and concrete products
  • road-marking materials