Bridges and parking decks

Bridges and parking decks

The waterproof barrier systems and special pavements we have developed have proven to be excellent materials for bridges and parking decks.

Waterproofing and pavement solutions for bridges are selected according to the material used in the bridge deck and the traffic load on the bridge.


Lemfalt is highly elastic, making it an excellent waterproof barrier and pavement especially for bridges with timber decks. The amount of binding SBS-polymer contained in the material is higher than in the commonly used Lemproof polymer-modified bitumen guss asphalt.
Lemproof polymer-modified bitumen guss asphalt

Lemproof polymer-modified bitumen guss asphalt is a seamless waterproof pavement. Lemproof's flexibility enables it to withstand vibration of bridge caused by traffic, without cracking. Lemproof's wear resistance can be improved by spreading aggregate on top of the hot mix laid on the carriageway. This also improves the anti-skid properties of the road surface.


Lemmastix is a waterproofing mastic that forms a seamless waterproof barrier. Suitable applications include bridges, vaulted courtyards, multi-storey car parks, terraces and basins. Lemmastix mass is cast on concrete, metal and timber substrates.