Asphalt and paving

Asphalt and paving

The right pavement for the right application – we assist you in the selection process and perform the paving work.

Whether your project concerns overlaying a motorway, paving a parking garage or laying a farmhouse courtyard, we will provide you with what you need. We also offer special paving materials for certain traffic arteries for which ordinary asphalt is not the best choice.

For example, in the case of very busy streets and roads used by heavy goods vehicles, account must be taken of special wear resistance and thickness requirements. Road junctions, bus lanes and bus stops are subject to large instantaneous point loads. Our Confalt composite pavement, or, alternatively, ordinary asphalt stiffened beyond the normal standard, is the recommended choice for such applications.

A solution to the problem of tyre noise in urban areas is our noise-reducing pavement, Whisperfalt. Its porous structure absorbs the sound caused by the tyre's contact with the pavement surface.

One of the biggest asphalt companies

We are one of the biggest asphalt company in Finland and in the Nordic countries. Each year, we produce more than six million tonnes of asphalt-aggregate mass, half of which is produced in Finland. In addition to Finland, we have offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We are engaged in long-term R&D, enabling us to continuously provide new solutions for the paving industry. Staffed by top professionals, our Central Laboratory produces research based on decades of expertise in various materials, as well as on practical experience. Our products and services are environmentally friendly and of high quality.

We produce asphalt and re-used asphalt pavements and surfaces, and we carry out stabilisation, milling and waterproofing.