From roadblocks to smooth traffic flow

As one of the major infrastructure construction companies in northern Europe, we smoothen traffic flows and ensure that projects are planned and executed thoroughly, safely and sustainably, taking people’s needs into account.

We offer comprehensive infrastructure construction services, from road maintenance to specialised contracting, in Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic countries. In addition, we carry out paving in Denmark and Russia.

We have extensive experience of projects that require diverse special expertise in construction. We commonly work in demanding conditions, such as city centres. We build underground parking facilities, motorways and bridges, and we excavate metro, mining and road tunnels.

We build and maintain the road network in all of our operating countries. We are one of the largest paving operators in our market area. We offer paving materials for different purposes, and we also implement road and rail projects.

Our extensive experience, top professionals and modern equipment ensure that our customers receive high-quality products and services.