Apartment block Jätkäsaari

Saukonpaadenranta 22
00180 Helsinki
  • On sale
  • Estimated completion time: 28/10/2016
  • Apartment sizes: 39.5 - 157.0 m2
  • Vacant apartments: 4 / 53 units
  • Own plot

Premium Location with Stunning Sea Views

The unique Loisto development is now complete. The development will boast an unobstructed view of the sea and the surrounding park. On top of all this, the Helsinki city center is only 1500 meters away. The spectacular panorama and pursuit of light and space have steered the design process in every aspect.


The sea awaits at home

The construction in Jätkäsaari is in good speed. There are only so much homes being built to the tip of Saukonpaasi peninsula, so this opportunity is worth taking. Saukonpaasi is well under way already, so you don’t need to worry about moving into a construction site. There will be a park right next to Loisto.

The future Jätkäsaari will form a nice little town by the sea. There will be small shops, cafes and places to swim and enjoy summer days, as well as a marina. The basic services can be found in the area already and later on there will be more schools, day-care centres and a sports park.

Luxurious living and high-quality materials

In Loisto the sea is the most important element of the interior design, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and exceptionally large balconies and patios in most apartments. The apartments are very spacious, and most living rooms are connected to a patio or balcony with a sliding door. The windows offer spectacular panoramas to the unique environment that resembles a holiday resort.

The floor will never feel too cold – all apartments are equipped with hydronic floor heating. On the other hand the district cooling will keep you comfortable during summer heat.

Integrated kitchen appliances, glass walls in the sauna, stone or parquet flooring and full length windows are only a few examples of the Loisto appeal.

The Loisto development shares spaces with the neighbouring Kompassi development: a gym, a sauna, a laundry room and club rooms with a roof terrace, where you can even grow some plants and vegetables.

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We are celebrating the holiday season with a special offer for all buyers of our ready-to-move-in studios and one bedroom apartments in the Helsinki and Vantaa region. Purchase an apartment between 16.12.2017-31.1.2018 and we'll pay your maintenance, financing and possible ground rental fees for the first six months of ownership! This offer only applies to new deals and cannot be combined with other special offers or promotions.

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Residential complex information

Floors info The development consists of two 7-storey buildings and an indoor car park. The yard and its plantings will be made according to a separate yard plan. The yard is located on top of the indoor car park.
Lift Yes
Other properties Direct ownership: a share of the indoor car park according to articles of association (ground floor), storage spaces for movable property, outdoor equipment and prams, drying rooms and technical facilities (first floor). Spaces available for Loisto residents in the Asunto Oy Helsingin Kompassi, according to articles of association: storage spaces for movable property, a club room, storage spaces for outdoor equipment, a waste room, an air-raid shelter (ground floor). Club rooms, laundry room, drying room, sauna, gym and club room roof terrace (second and third floor). Storage room for outdoor equipment (yard level).
Parking spaces Parking space with plug: 12 units
Indoor car park: 22 units
Energy class C2013
Heating District heating
Nettikoti Yes
Financing fee basis
Plot ownership Own

Apartments and parking spaces

Apartment Type Sq. m. Floor Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€) Redemption of rented plot (€)
B 36 2h+kt 43.5 2/7 201,270 410,940 -
A 3 (reserved) 2h+kt 49.5 1/7 228,810 467,400 -
B 52 2h+kt+s 52.5 6/7 322,090 575,140 -
B 32 2h+kt+s 61.0 1/7 249,760 543,780 -
B 29 2h+kt+s 63.0 1/7 224,600 528,260 -
B 31 1h+kt 39.5 1/7 Sold
B 37 2h+k+s 65.5 3/7 Sold
B 41 2h+k+s 65.5 4/7 Sold
B 45 2h+k+s 65.5 5/7 Sold
B 49 2h+k+s 65.5 6/7 Sold
B 33 2h+k+s 66.0 2/7 Sold
B 40 2h+kt+s 52.5 3/7 Sold
B 44 2h+kt+s 52.5 4/7 Sold
B 48 2h+kt+s 52.5 5/7 Sold
A 2 2h+kt+s 56.5 1/7 Sold
A 7 2h+kt+s 56.5 2/7 Sold
A 12 2h+kt+s 56.5 3/7 Sold
A 17 2h+kt+s 56.5 4/7 Sold
A 21 2h+kt+s 56.5 5/7 Sold
A 25 2h+kt+s 56.5 6/7 Sold
A 1 2h+kt+s+työtila 95.5 1/7 Sold
B 30 3(4)h+k+s 91.5 1/7 Sold
B 34 3(4)h+k+s 91.5 2/7 Sold
B 38 3(4)h+k+s 91.5 3/7 Sold
B 42 3(4)h+k+s 91.5 4/7 Sold
B 46 3(4)h+k+s 91.5 5/7 Sold
B 50 3(4)h+k+s 91.5 6/7 Sold
A 6 3(4)h+kt+s 95.0 2/7 Sold
A 11 3(4)h+kt+s 95.0 3/7 Sold
A 16 3(4)h+kt+s 95.0 4/7 Sold
A 20 3(4)h+kt+s 95.0 5/7 Sold
A 24 3(4)h+kt+s 95.0 6/7 Sold
A 13 3(4)h+kt+s 108.0 3/7 Sold
A 18 3(4)h+kt+s 108.0 4/7 Sold
A 22 3(4)h+kt+s 108.0 5/7 Sold
A 23 3h+k+s 74.0 6/7 Sold
B 35 3h+k+s 76.5 2/7 Sold
B 39 3h+k+s 76.5 3/7 Sold
B 43 3h+k+s 76.5 4/7 Sold
B 47 3h+k+s 76.5 5/7 Sold
B 51 3h+k+s 76.5 6/7 Sold
A 4 3h+kt+s 71.0 1/7 Sold
A 5 3h+kt+s 71.0 2/7 Sold
A 10 3h+kt+s 71.0 3/7 Sold
A 15 3h+kt+s 71.0 4/7 Sold
A 19 3h+kt+s 71.0 5/7 Sold
A 9 4(5)h+kt+s 116.0 2/7 Sold
A 14 4(5)h+kt+s 134.0 3/7 Sold
B 54 4h+k+s 121.5 7/7 Sold
A 28 4h+k+s 149.0 7/7 Sold
A 8 4h+kt+s 99.5 2/7 Sold
B 53 5h+k+s 145.5 7/7 Sold
A 27 5h+kt+s 157.0 7/7 Sold
Number Type Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€)
AH 1 Indoor car park Sold
AH 2 Indoor car park Sold
AH 3 Indoor car park Sold
AH 4 Indoor car park Sold
AH 5 Indoor car park Sold
AH 6 Indoor car park Sold
AH 12 Indoor car park Sold
AH 13 Indoor car park Sold
AH 14 Indoor car park Sold
AH 15 Indoor car park Sold
AH 16 Indoor car park Sold
AH 21 Indoor car park Sold
AH 22 Indoor car park Sold
AH 23 Indoor car park Sold
AH 24 Indoor car park Sold
AH 25 Indoor car park Sold
AH 30 Indoor car park Sold
AH 31 Indoor car park Sold
AH 32 Indoor car park Sold
AH 33 Indoor car park Sold
AH 34 Indoor car park Sold
AH 35 Indoor car park Sold
AP 4 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 5 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 15 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 16 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 17 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 21 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 22 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 23 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 24 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 25 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 26 Parking space with plug Sold
AP 27 Parking space with plug Sold

Pictures of the residential complex