We have removed a wall from one of the rooms to create a spacious combination of living room and dining area. The kitchen will be equipped with a kitchen island, providing extra room and storage space. One of the bedrooms features high windows to two directions as well as access to the large L-shaped balcony. The seaviews from this apartment are outstanding, and the apartment has been styled - book your own showing!

Apartment price details

Basic price€326,800
Debt-free price€956,100
Share of housing company loan€629,300
Price per square meter€8,811.98
Financing fee, interests only€423 / month
The company loan payment term is 23 years, of which the first three years, only the interest will be paid.
Financing fee, interest and instalment€3,038 / month
If the interest level remains the same, the financial fee with interest and installment after three years is about 34,30 € / m² /month.
Maintenance fee€412 / month

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Residential complex details

House type Apartment block
Neighbourhood Saukonpaasi in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki
Address Thomas Byströmin kuja 2 00180 Helsinki
Estimated completion time January 2015
Apartment sizes 31.5 - 108.5 m2
Vacant apartments 4 / 50
Plot ownership Own

Surface materials and interior pictures

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A01 3H+KT+S 72.0 2/7 Sold
B17 3H+KT+S 73.0 2/7 Sold
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A16 3H+KT+S 98.0 7/7 Sold
A03 4H+KT+S 99.0 2/7 Sold
A06 4H+KT+S 108.5 3/7 Sold
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A15 4H+KT+S 108.5 6/7 Sold