Apartment block Jätkäsaari

Heino Kasken katu 5
00180 Helsinki
  • Ready to move in
  • Apartment sizes: 56.0 - 137.5 m2
  • Vacant apartments: 0 / 30 units
  • Own plot

Small apartment blocks next to the Saukonpaasi canal

The development of Meripihka, located in Saukonpaasi, Jätkäsaari, consists of two buildings: one of them right alongside the canal, and the other next to a green park. There are 30 high-quality apartments, ranging from 56–137,5 m2. As Saukonpaasi is developing, the small apartment blocks will form a presentable home port, almost like a small seaside town.

Jätkäsaari – urban living by the sea at its best

Saukonpaasi is a peninsula, separated with a canal from the rest of Jätkäsaari, surrounded by the sea in three directions. Meripihka is the first of the three developments of small apartment blocks that will be built by the canal. Once the construction is completed, there will be green parks in the middle and on the tip of the peninsula.

In the future Jätkäsaari will be a new, urban neighbourhood with shops and cafés, overlooking the beautiful open sea. The residents can enjoy the surroundings by walking along the shoreline or strolling through the parklands. Several schools and daycare centres are within easy reach, and the closest playground has already opened right beside Meripihka. There are plenty of opportunities for sports and more to come, once the sports and recreation centre Bunkkeri and the adjacent sports park are completed.

The closest tram stop is only a couple of minutes’ walk away from Meripihka. The metro station and shopping centre of Ruoholahti are less than a kilometre away. The distance to the centre of Helsinki is less than three kilometres.

Spacious homes with high-quality materials

Meripihka apartments feature serene views, whether you choose your home alongside the canal or by the park. The building by the canal includes ia two-storey apartments with private entrances from the parking hall, the seaside promenade as well as the courtyard, and exceptionally large storage facilities. The third floor is like a terraced house on top of the building. Some apartments feature private terraces as well as balconies.

The development is stylish inside and out. The high-quality interior materials and equipment are chosen from the assortments of established brands. Kitchens are equipped with induction cookers and integrated dishwashers, and the floors are parquet. District cooling will keep the apartments comfortable also during the hot summer days.

A welcoming home port

The architect of Meripihka, Jari Viherkoski, describes the canalside developments: “The residential block is like an ocean liner made of steel, ready to head out to the open sea. The courtyard resembling a deck, the prow and the steely grey facade are all telling a story about building ships. Large windows and spacious interiors bring the shimmering water close to home. My goal has been to create luminous, spacious homes with a hint of luxury.”

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Residential complex information

Floors info The development consists of two buildings with three residential floors each and 30 apartments in total. The parking hall is situated on the ground floor, under the courtyard. The building A&B (by the park) also has a basement.
Lift Yes
Other properties There are six storages for sale in the development. In addition to them there are storage facilities for personal property, prams, outdoor equipment and bicycles as well as drying rooms. Meripihka has 30 parking spaces for sale, located in the parking hall under the courtyard. The parking facility is not heated, but the parking spaces are equipped with sockets.
Parking spaces Indoor car park: 30 units
Energy class C2013
Heating District heating
Ventilation apartment specific mechanical ventilation with HR
Antenna Cable tv network
Financing fee basis share count
Plot ownership Own

Apartments and parking spaces

Apartment Type Sq. m. Floor Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€) Redemption of rented plot (€)
C 28 2h+k 57.5 3/3 Sold
B 12 2h+kt 58.0 1/3 Sold
A 2 2h+kt+s 56.0 1/3 Sold
A 5 2h+kt+s 56.0 2/3 Sold
A 8 2h+kt+s 56.0 3/3 Sold
B 11 2h+kt+s 56.0 1/3 Sold
B 14 2h+kt+s 56.0 2/3 Sold
B 17 2h+kt+s 56.0 3/3 Sold
C 27 3h+k 73.0 3/3 Sold
C 25 3h+k 77.0 3/3 Sold
B 15 3h+kt 64.0 2/3 Sold
B 18 3h+kt 64.0 3/3 Sold
C 26 3h+kt+s 77.0 3/3 Sold
C 29 3h+kt+s 77.0 3/3 Sold
C 30 3h+kt+s 78.0 3/3 Sold
A 1 4h+k+s 87.0 1/3 Sold
A 4 4h+k+s 93.0 2/3 Sold
A 7 4h+k+s 93.0 3/3 Sold
A 3 4h+kt+s 90.5 1/3 Sold
A 6 4h+kt+s 90.5 2/3 Sold
A 9 4h+kt+s 90.5 3/3 Sold
B 10 4h+kt+s 90.5 1/3 Sold
B 13 4h+kt+s 90.5 2/3 Sold
B 16 4h+kt+s 90.5 3/3 Sold
C 21 4h+kt+s 119.0 1-2/3 Sold
C 22 4h+kt+s+varasto 13 m2 116.0 1-2/3 Sold
C 20 5h+kt+s 135.5 1-2/3 Sold
C 23 5h+kt+s+varasto 27 m2 135.5 1-2/3 Sold
C 24 6h+kt+s+varasto 27 m2 137.5 1-2/3 Sold
C 19 6h+kt+s 136.0 1-2/3 Sold
Number Type Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€)
AH 2 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 3 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 4 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 8 (reserved) Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 19 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 23 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 24 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 29 (reserved) Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 30 Indoor car park 40,000 40,000
AH 1 Indoor car park Sold
AH 5 Indoor car park Sold
AH 6 Indoor car park Sold
AH 7 Indoor car park Sold
AH 9 Indoor car park Sold
AH 10 Indoor car park Sold
AH 11 Indoor car park Sold
AH 12 Indoor car park Sold
AH 13 Indoor car park Sold
AH 14 Indoor car park Sold
AH 15 Indoor car park Sold
AH 16 Indoor car park Sold
AH 17 Indoor car park Sold
AH 18 Indoor car park Sold
AH 20 Indoor car park Sold
AH 21 Indoor car park Sold
AH 22 Indoor car park Sold
AH 25 Indoor car park Sold
AH 26 (LE) Indoor car park Sold
AH 27 Indoor car park Sold
AH 28 Indoor car park Sold

Pictures of the residential complex