Viertola’s Perhosniitty is located next to Tikkurila. Viertola is located on flat land in the Keravanjoki river valley, which used to be included in the cultivated areas of the village of Tikkurila.

The region is nowadays a densely built residential area that has grown together with the centre of Tikkurila. There is a pedestrian and cycle road running along the river. The “Viertolan niitty” meadow is located on the other side of the river.

Lots of services within walking distance

Viertola is located in Vantaa, next to Tikkurila. The area borders the Keravanjoki river in the south, Kylmäoja in the west and the Simonkylä district in the north. The terraced houses of Suviranta and the apartment blocks of Hopeatäplä welcomed their residents on 31/08/2017, and the area is now completed.

The comfortable residential area has grown together with the centre of Tikkurila. The Keravanjoki river flows in the immediate vicinity of Sudenkorento, offering attractive recreational areas and opportunities for outdoor activities. There is a pedestrian and cycle road running along the river.

Good traffic connections by car and public transport

The area offers quick connections to Ring Road 3, Lahdenväylä and Tuusulanväylä. Helsinki-Vantaa airport is less than ten minutes away, and central Helsinki is accessible in 20 minutes by a local commuter train. The Tikkurilantie road crossing Viertola has been planned to be made into an urban boulevard connecting the airport and Tikkurila, with provisions made for the construction of a light rail track in its dimensioning.

Schools, day-care centres and library

There are over 6,000 residents in Viertola. The area has increased its popularity among families with children in particular in recent years. The area is home to the Viertola primary school, Peltola upper comprehensive school, Jokiranta school for children with special needs, as well as day-care centres, a library and a care facility for senior citizens. Dance theatre Raatikko is also located in Viertola.

Viertola is a good place for recreational activities

The largest sports centre in Eastern Vantaa, the Tikkurila Sports Park, is located in northern parts of Viertola. It provides opportunities for a number of indoor sports, gym, bowling and pool. In addition to ice sports, the ice hall of the Sports Park, Valtti Arena, is a venue for roller hockey and events. The numerous outdoor fields in the park are favoured by football and American football enthusiasts, among others. The area also houses a practice ice rink and a swimming hall. An onion-domed orthodox church was built next to the Sports Park in 1997. The floorball centre Tiikeri Areena serving floorball players, badminton players and aerobic enthusiasts, the gymnastics hall of Tikkurilan Naisvoimistelijat and the Vantaa Dance Institute are also located in Viertola

Services in Tikkurila

The thriving Tikkurila centre with public office buildings, shops and market squares is located a couple of minutes' walk away. You do not need to go further than Tikkurila for movies, theatre or even the Heureka Science Centre. Finland's most modern recreational centre with the most extensive offering, Flamingo, and the Jumbo shopping centre with almost 120 specialty shops are located a stone's throw away.
Nature is close in Viertola.


Residential complexes in the area

The park-like areas in Viertola are located along the Keravanjoki river and, in the north, close to the Tikkurila Sports Park and Kylmäoja.

False oat-grass, a rare species in Vantaa, growing along the Keravanjoki river is one of the valuable nature sites. There is also a dry meadow, the Viertola meadow, next to the area; it is a locally significant area as several species of meadow and field vascular plants have been found there.

In the north, natural values are represented by the banks of the Simonlaakso brook. In addition to Viertola, it reaches the Ruskeasanta and Simonkylä areas. The brook bank is home to ostrich fern, meadow horsetail and long beech fern. There is often rotten wood on brook banks in the Tikkurila area, giving a growth place for rare, even endangered polypore species. The lesser spotted woodpecker also thrives on the brook banks.