Asunto Oy Vantaan Primavera, apartment C 67


  • Basic price: €112,550
  • Debt-free price: €438,590
  • Balcony
  • Floor: 4/6
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The colourful plastered exterior surface of Primavera contains 76 apartments to suit various life situations. The six-storey Primavera is built using modern construction technology, which ensures that energy efficiency, quality and safety are a high priority. Primavera is in energy class C2013.

A common yard shared by several properties is a pleasant playground and recreational area. There is a parking facility next to Primavera, and the parking places are sold as separate shares. In addition to the residential units, Primavera houses two units of business premises.

Apartment price details

Basic price€112,550
Debt-free price€438,590
Share of housing company loan€326,040
Price per square meter€3,847.28
Financing fee, interests only€388 / month
The company loan payment term is 23 years, of which the first three years, only the interest will be paid.
Financing fee, interest and instalment€1,746 / month
If the interest level remains the same, the financial fee with interest and installment after three years is about 18,32 € / m² /month.
Maintenance fee€433 / month

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Residential complex details

House type Apartment block
Neighbourhood Leinelä in Vantaa
Address Primavera 3 01340 Vantaa
Estimated completion time May 2016
Apartment sizes 42.0 - 127.5 m2
Vacant apartments 8 / 76
Plot ownership Own

Surface materials and interior pictures

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C 67 4-5h+kt+s 114.0 4/6 112,550 438,590 -
C 72 4-5h+kt+s 114.0 5/6 Sold
C 57 4-5h+kt+s 127.5 2/6 Sold