Mover's checklist

Notification of move and contracts

  • Submit a notification of your move to the post office and the local register office. The notification of move can be submitted at post offices and online, and it needs to be done within one week of the move at the latest. You can submit the notification in advance up to one month before the date of your move.
  • Route newspaper and magazine subscriptions to the new address and submit a notification of your new address to any companies that send you invoices by post.
  • Notify the property managers at both the old and the new housing company of your move.
  • Transfer your electricity contract. Take this opportunity to get competing offers from different electricity providers.
  • Update the information of your new residence to your home insurance provider.
  • Find out if you are entitled to take a day of paid leave from work for the purpose of moving. The collective agreements in many industries stipulate one day of paid leave for moving per year.
  • Move your Internet connection to the new address in time to avoid service interruptions.
  • Check whether the plugs and connectors of your lighting fixtures fit your new home. Also check whether your new home uses a cable or antenna for television service.

Moving assistance and supplies

  • Make arrangements for moving assistance and transportation early enough. Moving companies tend to be busiest on weekends and at the turn of the month.
  • Moving carts, boxes and carrying straps can be rented from moving companies.
  • If possible, reserve parking space in front of your new home for the moving lorry.


  • Review your possessions to identify items you no longer need, and sort them into those that will be discarded and those that will be recycled.
  • Acquire packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper, padding and bin liners in good time. This will allow you to pack early those items that you do not use very often.
  • Pack your possessions in boxes with a clear indication on the box of what it contains and what room it should be placed in in your new home. Also indicate clearly any boxes that have fragile contents. Clearly labelling your boxes makes moving and unpacking faster.
  • Use protective padding for fragile items, tableware and furniture. Also protect the floors and door frames in both the old and the new home from scrapes and dents.
  • Also empty out your attic, basement or shed.

Handing over your home and final cleaning

  • Allocate time for the careful final cleaning of your old home.
  • Get an early start by cleaning storage areas and the balcony. Also clean the sauna, drains, vents and home appliances.
  • Make sure to hand over all keys to the home (including the security lock and keys to common areas) to the new tenant.