The Home Folder holds important documentation

When moving to your new apartment, you will receive a Home Folder when the residence is handed over to you.

The Home Folder contains important documentation related to your new home, such as:

  • The original plan drawing, the housing company's floor plans and the layout drawing
  • Contact information for the property manager, the maintenance company and warranty service for home appliances
  • Information on your selected materials for your new home and any additional work or alterations you requested
  • Operating and maintenance instructions for home appliances, as well as maintenance instructions for floor surfaces and the ventilation system
  • The New Apartment Handbook, a guide produced by experts from Talonrakennusteollisuus ry, a Finnish residential construction industry association, for people moving to a new apartment

We recommend that you keep all important documentation related to your apartment in the Home Folder, as well as other documents through the years. This will allow you to find all documentation related to your home conveniently in one place.