Buying a new apartment

We announce the locations of our upcoming residential development projects as early as possible. We provide information on planned residential areas and projects already in the planning phase.

Our housing sales representatives are happy to help if you are interested in any of our planned residential projects. When we have noted your interest, we will ensure that you will be among the first to be informed about the progress of the plans and have the opportunity to reserve your preferred apartment at the earliest opportunity.

Advance marketing

In the advance marketing stage, we assess buyer interest in new apartments. All information on projects provided at this stage are preliminary and will be augmented when sales begin. Apartments in the advance marketing stage cannot be bought, but they can be reserved.

By reserving an apartment at the beginning of the advance marketing stage, you have the best chance of choosing your preferred apartment.

Reservations made during the advance marketing stage are subject to an apartment-specific reservation fee. However, the reservation is not binding, and should you choose to cancel it, you will receive a full refund of the reservation fee.

When a sufficient number of advance reservations have been made and the project has been granted a permit under the RS system, which protects the position of purchasers of shares in new housing companies, the actual sale of the apartments will begin. Construction also begins around the same time.

By purchasing an apartment in the construction phase, you can have a say in the surface materials and equipment of your new home. It is also possible to buy an apartment at a later stage, but alterations and additional work on the apartment by the developer will not be possible in that case.

Safe housing transactions

All of Lemminkäinen's residential development projects apply the RS system of protection for residential properties in the construction stage. Pursuant to the Housing Transactions Act, the RS system protects buyers who purchase an apartment that is still under construction. In practice, the RS system ensures that the property is developed in accordance with the published plans.

More information about buying a newly constructed apartment you can get from the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT's "Buying a new apartment" guide, from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority's web pages and our housing sales representatives.