Building quality

Our starting point is always to build safe, healthy and functional homes that are handed over to you in flawless condition.

Quality assurance is an integral part of our building construction process. The quality assurance for our residential developments starts from the acquisition of the plot of land. We always choose plots in the best locations in urban growth centres. Our selection criterion is that the plot of land must be situated in a location with good transport links and services.

In the planning stage of our residential development projects, we have a particular focus on the residential units' functionality and technical quality. In the construction stage, we verify the quality of the work in a pre-handover inspection, which involves personnel from one of our other construction sites inspecting the completed homes. This ensures that the homes are carefully reviewed by someone from outside the construction site itself.

Quality assurance is supported by our housing sales, which assists you in all aspects of buying a home, throughout the home buying process.