A new home is a great foundation for a good life

In a new building you are always your apartment’s first occupant. Everything is new, clean and unused. The choices of surface materials, cabinets and home appliances are based on your personal preferences. Modern technical building systems provide added comfort and safety.

Having a functional and pleasant home makes your daily life easier, freeing up time for what is truly important to you.

A home in a good location makes daily life smoother

Our customer surveys indicate that location is the most important criterion for people looking for a new home. Good location means different things to different people. At Lemminkäinen, we define good location as being situated in an area with good transport links and local services.

City centres and new residential neighbourhoods often match this description, which is why we focus on them in our diverse residential development activities.

High standards for construction

Safety and health are key aspects in quality living in addition to good location. In modern construction, no materials are used that are hazardous to health. Walls have good sound proofing and balconies usually have glazing.

The planning and design of Lemminkäinen’s new homes are based on the needs and wishes of today’s people. We also take future needs into consideration.

Small details can significantly improve the comfort of living. Most of our new homes have:

  • plenty of storage space
  • a spacious and accessible layout
  • plenty of electrical sockets and built-in Internet connections
  • a sauna
  • a glazed balcony
  • pre-designed locations for microwave ovens and washing machines
  • mains smoke alarms
  • a lift
  • good sound proofing

Buying a new home also eliminates any concern about the need for renovations. Since everything is brand new, the first renovation needs will not arise until many years later. If, however, something needs to be repaired, our new homes have a 10-year structural warranty, and any defects detected during the first year will be fixed during annual repair.