Accessible housing is good housing

An accessible environment means flexible and adaptable spatial solutions, functional living environments and safe homes. Having your home adapt to changes in your life situation increases your comfort and safety.

An accessible home is:

  • Easy to move around in
  • Spacious and clearly laid out
  • Based on flexible and functional spatial solutions
  • Equipped with a large lift and low doorsteps
  • Designed to have a roomy entryway, a spacious kitchen and large bathroom

The environment

Accessible housing starts from the location of the home. Public transport links, pedestrian and bicycle paths and local services increase the comfort of living. Courtyards and outdoor areas are made accessible by buildings being situated on the plot of land in a sensible manner, and access roads and paths being designed in a way that takes differences in elevation into account. Accessible courtyards and outdoor areas are easy and safe to move around in, also in wintertime. Hard-surfaced, stepless and non-skid access paths are easy to keep clean and safe for prams, wheelchairs and wheeled walking frames.

The home

An accessible home is easy to approach and enter. Accessible apartment blocks have large lifts and low doorsteps. The entryway is spacious and doorways are wide. Doors open in directions that make it easy to move around the home.

The rooms being located on a single floor, with roomy and functional spatial solutions, also contribute to the comfort of living. Spacious bathrooms and kitchens make daily chores easier and support the use of assistive devices.


Choices of materials and lighting design also have a significant effect on the comfort of living. Functional, low-glare and dimmable lighting, for example, creates a pleasant atmosphere while also making daily life easier for people with poor eyesight. The use of textiles can also contribute to a cosy atmosphere while providing insulation against outside noises and reduce echo in the rooms.

Lemminkäinen’s Easy Access homes

In our Easy Access homes, we have paid special attention to ease of mobility and access in all situations and life stages. To qualify for the Easy Access certificate, apartments must be designed to be functional and accessible with respect to their interiors as well as the outdoor areas.

The Easy Access standards for accessibility apply to several aspects of the buildings’ interiors, including the entrance, staircase, lifts, lighting and door width. The outdoor areas must have clear signs, sufficiently wide and even access paths, accessible parking spaces nearby, and space for vehicles in front of the buildings to drop off and pick up passengers.

Easy Access is a national campaign coordinated by the Finnish Association for People with Physical Disabilities, aimed at promoting ease of access for people at work and in their free time. The campaign also encourages people to share information on locations that are particularly easy or difficult with regard to accessibility.

To date, the following housing companies have been granted the Easy Access certificate:

  • Asunto Oy Seinäjoen Jaakkolantie 8-10
  • Asunto Oy Seinäjoen Timperikatu
  • Asunto Oy Helsingin Aamukahvi