We provide renovation construction services to companies, public organisations and housing associations — for small and large projects alike. 

Renovation allows you to safeguard the value of your property while also extending its life-cycle. We provide renovation construction services, ranging from small-scale surface renovation to wholesale refurbishment of entire buildings. We will upgrade your premises to be energy efficient, modern and pleasant.

As one of Finland's largest renovators, we operate widely in building and infrastructure construction, as well as technical building services. By smoothly combining our sector-specific expertise in the relevant fields, we provide comprehensive, customised renovation construction services, no matter where our clients or construction sites are located.

Apartment-block height-raising

We offer a new, unique and patented way of implementing apartment-block height-raising. Our patented technique enables the addition of extra storeys and the installation of lifts in three- and four-storey buildings.

Thanks to our new technique, foundations for upper floors can now be built outside existing exterior walls and without the need to remove the existing roof. A lift can be also installed in conjunction with the expansion. No new plots are required, and residents can live in the building throughout the roof-raising. This technique is a significantly more affordable option than demolishing an existing building and replacing it with a new one.

We employed our roof-raising technique in Tampere city centre, where we built a new Cumulus hotel.