Developing education environments

Developing education environments

Lemminkäinen always starts the building or renovation of schools by thinking about the kind of a school building that provides an optimum environment for teaching and learning.

A good school is a place where children feel good. Schools must offer pupils a positive environment for learning and growing physically, mentally as well as socially. In practice, this means that schools must promote social well-being, be aesthetically and appropriately dimensioned and cherish sustainability and increase physical health and safety. These starting points are the foundation of our work.

Flexible and adjustable learning environment

Development of the learning environment always takes place in co-operation with users and designers in all of our school projects. Modern studying environments must be flexible and adjustable, and they must provide opportunities for teamwork and use diverse working methods as well as concentration, thinking and individual work.

It is also important to notice that the need for versatile student care has increased and there is an increasingly extensive working community in schools.

Towards better learning environments through co-operation

In light of most recent studies, students consider that a physical environment that at its best offers diverse opportunities for activities, project learning, stimuli and possibility of studying both alone and in groups using diverse equipment to be the cornerstone of a good learning environment. The students emphasised that a good learning environment is aesthetically comfortable and versatile, being a good place for every student to be, learn and grow in their own way amidst an unhurried atmosphere.

We co-operate closely with the University of Oulu and Finnpeda, among others, to develop increasingly diverse environments for learning.