PPP services

PPP services

With the PPP model, construction expands into a comprehensive long-term service. You can ensure that your property is operated, maintained and kept carefully over the long term, which guarantees that the value of your investment is preserved.

In PPP models, we take care of the overall design, construction, property, upkeep and maintenance services and basic renovation investments, among other things. We will keep the premises covered by the contract in good condition so that the comfort, safety, energy efficiency and functionality of the premises will improve. If necessary, we will also take part in arranging financing.

The PPP model is best suited for major private or public construction and renovation projects, in which the overall economic efficiency and total cost of ownership of the projects are optimally realised. The typical duration of contracts is 25 years.

Our PPP projects in Finland

The PPP model was used for the first time in major motorway projects in Finland. We are responsible for the E18 Muurla-Lohja motorway section under a PPP contract, for example. The PPP model has expanded from road construction to other construction projects that require swift implementation, long-term financing and continuous maintenance.

We are involved in several building construction PPP projects. In City of Kuopio, Finland, the model covers four schools and one day-care centre built, renovated and maintained. In City of Oulu, Finland, we are responsible for the Kastelli community centre, housing a library and youth and sports facilities in addition to schools and a day-care centre. Our projects also include several police and court houses across Finland and two new schools for City of Hollola, Finland.