Data center construction

Data centre construction

We invite you to take advantage of our expertise in data center construction. We plan and organise the construction of a data center to suit your needs — with utmost professionalism and on schedule.

Our operations are based on our expertise in turnkey contracting and project management, our highly competent and reliable personnel and our extensive network of experts. We are a responsible partner for your data center construction project. Lemminkäinen is a member of the Finnish Data Center Forum Association. We are up to date with changes, new regulations and current issues happening in the industry.

We help you find the ideal location for your data centre. The right location and implementation ensure the energy efficiency, security and environmental friendliness of your data center project.

We have previous experience of building data centres in Finland.

Finland is a great location

With its cool climate and stable bedrock, Finland is a sensible location for data centres. The cool climate and extensive district heating network provide savings in energy costs.

Finland has a comprehensive electricity distribution network and reliable telecommunications infrastructure. Finland’s appeal as a location for data centres is further increased by the Sea Lion telecommunications cable in the Baltic Sea, which enables the secure and high-quality transfer of data between Finland and the rest of Europe.

Finnish legislation is politically and socially safe and predictable.

Finland offers low energy costs and a high availability of energy. The country supplies sufficient green energy to serve the needs of data centres. Since 2014, data centres have been subject to a reduced energy tax rate.