Industrial construction

Industrial construction

The launch of mining, power or production plant operations requires skilled partners. We offer broad-based expertise and flexible partnership from the project planning stage throughout the life cycle of operations.

We are flexible, executing your overall plan or a part of it, from planning to maintenance.

When you are repurposing or refurbishing your premises, we can help your business to construct new, well-functioning facilities. We employ the latest industry competencies to construct energy- and environmentally-friendly sites.

Expertise in international construction at your service

We have more than 40 years of experience in a wide range of construction projects all over the world. Our strong local presence ensures cost-effective construction and the anticipation of changes in our operating environment. We are able to meet your needs and find the best solutions at every stage of the project.

A professional project management company, we can provide global expertise also to meet your project management needs in challenging conditions.  We have experience of project exports in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and in North and South America; in around 90 countries in all.