Turnkey contracting

Turnkey contracting

Turnkey contracting is a contracting model in which the main contractor is responsible for the entire construction project, including those parts carried out by subcontractors. The contractor has overall responsibility for carrying out both the planning and implementation of the project. 

In an ordinary construction contract, the contracting parties are the developer, designer and contractor. In such projects, the developer enters into separate contracts with the designer and the contractor. In turnkey construction, the contractor is also responsible for building design, meaning that the developer has only one contract with the contractor for the entire project. A turnkey contractor is responsible for both the design and the subcontracting agreements.

Benefits of turnkey contracting for the developer:

  • only one contractual partner
  • cost savings in design
  • broad expertise of the contractor benefits the project
  • does not require the developer’s own personnel
  • a clear operating model
  • contractor’s extensive, reliable subcontractor network available
  • quick implementation of the project
  • cost efficiency 

Turnkey contracts are also known as Plan & Build contracts, Design & Build contracts, Plan & Implement contracts and overall responsibility contracts.

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