Construction management

Construction management

Construction management is the most efficient and inexpensive method of implementation for many construction projects. In principle, it is suitable for almost all kinds of construction projects, but it is particularly well suited to large and demanding special projects as well as renovation.

Customer benefits of construction management:

  • open book principle
  • shorter project duration
  • cost efficiency
  • predictability
  • decision-making support from professional project managers
  • the client’s resources remain available for other activities
  • influence and final authority on plans and purchases
  • pre-agreed price for project management contracting

Our responsibilities as project management contractor include the following, among others:

  • comprehensive project management
  • close cooperation with the customer
  • managing schedules, planning and costs
  • efficient procurement
  • construction quality monitoring
  • taking operational quality, energy efficiency, environmental impacts and occupational safety into consideration
  • assuming overall responsibility for project implementation

Project planning and construction proceed side by side

In project management contracting, the project management contractor is responsible for project management, construction site management, construction site services and construction work. The project management contract can also include planning.

Our project management personnel will prepare a logical project breakdown during the advance planning phase based on the cost planning system. The planning process takes into account factors including the client’s separate purchases as well as target-oriented and realistic schedules for the project’s implementation. The outcomes of the planning phase are the project’s budget, schedule, implementation, project and procurement plans, as well as agreements on the measures required in relation to quality assurance, environmental factors, energy efficiency, safety and risk management. Project steering procedures are outlined in a project plan in accordance with the management system. It serves as the foundation for technical quality and it is used to ensure the quality requirements of operations throughout the project.

Concurrent planning and implementation helps reduce the total duration of the project. The flexibility of construction management also makes it possible to react to any changes in the plans, even during the implementation phase, without significant scheduling changes or additional costs.

Construction management increases cost efficiency

Under the construction management model, the customer benefits from cost-managed design solutions and competitively tendered procurement. Cost savings are also created by the project’s shorter schedule. The project management organisation takes care of project procurement and prepares the various phases for the client’s decisions.  Procurement activities benefit from the purchasing volume, competitively tendered prices and comprehensive networks of a large corporation.

Highly competent project management personnel ensure that the customer has extensive information and alternatives to support decision-making as well as predictable and controlled project implementation.

Lemminkäinen has extensive experience of construction management

We brought the construction management model from Sweden to Finland in 1973. Since then, the model has been used in various projects, including renovation projects and projects in the forest and electronics industries. These days, many office, retail and logistics projects are also implemented under the construction management model, both in renovation and new construction.

Our strengths in construction management:

  • highly competent project management personnel
  • strong design management expertise
  • cost-efficient implementation
  • utilising information models
  • extensive experience
  • comprehensive network

We have the ability to handle large projects and challenging urban conditions. Our strong project management expertise combined with our comprehensive specialised contracting make us an unbeatable partner.