Juhannuslehto Business Park, Pori

Juhannuslehto Business Park is being planned in central Pori. The business park will offer versatile facilities: office, commercial, production and logistics premises. Join us in the planning!

Excellent location

Juhannuslehto Business Park is located in central Pori, only about one kilometre from the heart of the town. The location is logistically optimal, even for heavy vehicles. The plots are located at Helmentie 23–27, 28100 Pori and at Paperitehtaankatu 7, 28100 Pori.

An attractive commercial hub

Around the new area, there is already an ample and versatile service offering. In combination with new businesses, it will create a significant commercial hub in a busy location. The traffic volume on the nearby Paanakedonkatu street is approximately 16,000 vehicles per day. There are approximately 138,000 residents in the Pori economic region and summer events bring thousands of visitors to the region each year.

Versatile premises

The premises we are planning for Juhannuslehto Business Park are extremely versatile – also for services offered directly to consumers. The plots are spacious, and there is a lot of parking space.   Contact us and let’s plan functional premises for your business!

Plot 1: 11,250 m2

• Building 1, floor area 1,600 m2
• Building 2, floor area 4,025 m2
• Parking lot for 166 cars

Plot 2: 16,670 m2

• Building 1, floor area 4,310 m2
• Building 2, floor area 4,025 m2
• Or 8,335 m2 as one building
• Parking lot for 210 cars

Plot 3: 9,195 m2

• Floor area of the building 4,545 m2
• Parking lot for 130 cars

Basic data

Helmentie 23-27 and Paperitehtaankatu 7
28100 Pori
Business premises
0 m² - 18,500
0 m² - 18,500
Manufacturing or industrial facilities
0 m² - 18,500
Logistics or storage facilities
0 m² - 18,500
To be confirmed
Plot 1: 11 250 m2, plot 2: 16 670 m2, plot 3: 9 195 m2
Initial planning in process
Contract type
Construction status
Under construction


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